About the Author

Hi, I am Jacob P Varghese and I am author of this website blog. I have been a Sunday School teacher over three decades. Born and brought up outside Kerala, I encountered multiple problems, as the Church literatures of faith, doctrines, worship, sacraments were all in Malayalam. The issue was of higher magnitude to the students, who were totally the descendants of Malayali faithful, but who are born and brought up outside Kerala.  The spiritual needs of such, were not being adequately taken care of. They found it difficult to participate in worship services, meaningfully. Many did not have any bond to their native land, its culture and mainly language. I decided to resolve this by translating the text into English on a varied topics of importance and interest for the sake of my students.

I served the OSSAE, Sharjah unit in various positions as teacher, Staff Secretary, Headmaster; OSSAE, UAE as District Inspector for 14 years and UAE Secretary, OSSAE, Gulf Zone as secretary 5 years. I had prepared OVBS Curriculum for UAE and OSSAE, Central.

After my retirement from professional job in the gulf, I thought of devoting more time and started this web site blog, with the sole interest that this would benefit the upcoming generation outside Kerala, so that they could read and understand the Orthodox faith doctrines and dogmas, which would enable them to lead a good Orthodox way of life, staying closely attached to the Orthodox liturgical pattern.