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Quiz of the Week | Feb 15

Let's have some fun with some Bible & Church Trivia. You have 5 mins to answer 15 questions. All the best and Enjoy!

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Which part of Canaan, had plenty of water and is compared to the Garden of Lord?

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The words 'My Name shall be there' is attributed to which place

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To whom did the LORD say ‘I have made you like god…..”?

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How many times was Prophet Elijah’s cloak used to separate the waters of Jordan?

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Name two people in the Holy Bible, whose bodies were embalmed before burial.

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Name the archangel who disputed with the devil for the body for Moses.

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Give the Bible reference that mentions Jesus as the Saviour of the World.

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The people of which place had not even heard of the Holy Spirit?

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The Passover Meal of Jesus Christ with His disciples is popularly known as Last Supper among Christians. But the Correct phrase ‘Lord’s Supper’ is used in the Holy Bible. Who uses this phrase? Give Bible reference.

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How many miracles did John the Baptist perform?

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Which ruler, who oppressed the Jewish people, was called a "sinful root"?

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In which Sacrament does one renounce Satan and accept Jesus Christ?

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On which day is the Holy Qurbana is conducted around noon?

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Who was the Anglican Bishop, who donated all his wealth to our Church?

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Give the exact date of the establishment of our Catholicate in India

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