Quiz of the Week | Dec 04

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Quiz of the Week | Dec 04

Let's have some fun with some Bible & Church Trivia. You have 5 mins to answer 10 questions. All the best and Enjoy!

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Give the Bible References for the phrase ‘In the beginning’. 

(Multiple Choice)


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Who Created the world? God the Father, God the Son or God the Holy Spirit?

(Multiple Choice)

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I am ‘the voice of someone shouting in the desert, make a straight path for the Lord to travel’

Name the Prophet who prophesied this.

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God gave the Law through Moses, but _____ and _____ came through Jesus Christ.

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Give Bible reference that show some slight proofs of Holy Trinity in Genesis Ch 1 to 3.

Write answer in XX:xx (Chapter : Verse format)

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Why did God put living creatures (Cherubim) and flaming sword that turned in all direction on the east side of Garden?

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What all was made or created from soil, by God?

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To whom God say “you will have to work hard and sweat to produce anything, until you go back to the soil”?

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Who saw the tree in the middle of the garden as beautiful and thought that the fruit may be good to it?

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Where in our Church do you see a symbolic representation of the Tree of Knowledge of good and bad (evil).

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