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Quiz of the Week | Great Lent

Let's have some fun with some Bible & Church Trivia. You have 5 mins to answer 19 questions. All the best and Enjoy!

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In which place did Jesus turn water to wine?

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How many jars did Jesus use in the miracle of turning water into wine?

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Name the disciple or disciples who belonged to Cana of Galilee

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Where did Jesus go to, from Cana after the sign?

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What was revealed by this Sign (miracle) of turning water into wine?

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What were the water jars or pots made of?

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Who all were invited for the wedding feast at Cana?

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At which place did Mary, mother of Jesus speak for the last time in the Bible?

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Name the First person with whom Leprosy, is mentioned in the Bible?

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Name the Leper in whose house Jesus visited in Bethany?

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Name the Person, who and all his generations after generations became a Leprous?

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How many people are connected with  leprosy, are mentioned in the Bible by Name?

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Name the town, at its gate there were four lepers talking to each other

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Who became a leper because he/she told lies?

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During the time of Elisha, the prophet, there were many lepers in Israel, But only one of them was cleansed, Who?

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Once Jesus healed Ten Lepers. Only one leper came back and thanked Him, he was a ____.

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Who became leprous for murmuring against God’s Prophet or servant?

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May his family in every generation be cursed with a man who has open sores or leprosy* or who walks on crutches* or who dies by the sword or who begs for food!" Who was he?

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Who became leprous only on the forehead for disobeying God?

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