Quiz Questions – Book of Daniel – Part 2

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  1. Who became the king after Nebuchadnezzar?.
  2. What incentives were promised to the person who interprets what king Belshazzar had seen being written on the wall?
  3. Who told the king about Daniel’s power to interpret dreams and visions?
  4. What reason did Daniel give to the king for the writing appearing on the wall?
  5. What was the writing that appeared on the wall?
  6. What is the meaning of ‘Mene, Mene, Tekel and Parsin’?
  7. When did Belshazzar die?
  8. Who became the next king?
  9. Name the prophet who was clothed in purple?
  10. What irrevocable ordinance did king Darius sign?
  11. Name the prophet who prayed three times a day on his knees.
  12. Where did face during his prayers?
  13. Who laboured till sunset to rescue Daniel?
  14. What did king Darius say to Daniel, when Daniel was cast into the den of lions?
  15. Who fasted, the night Daniel was in the Lion’s den?
  16. Who had shut the mouth of the lions?
  17. What happened to those men who accused Daniel?
  18. Name the king who wrote “Peace be multiplied to you” to all the people of all nations and languages?
  19. Name the king who issued a verdict that “God of Daniel is the living God, enduring for ever”
  20. Name the two rivers mentioned in the visions of Daniel:
  21. Who interpreted the visions to Daniel?
  22. Name the chief of the princes (angel) who came to Daniel in a vision
  23. For how many years were Daniel and his friends trained under the chief of the eunuchs?
  24. How old was Daniel when he How old was Daniel when he was ta
  25. How did Daniel look compared to the other young men after 10 days of eating only vegetables?
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