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HG Eusebios Thirumeni was born as the fourth son of P G Thomas and Saramma Thomas, Puthenparampil, Naranganam, Kozhenchery on 16 June 1931.

‘Baby’ as he was called by his family and Philipose Thomas by his friends, became, ‘Philipose Mar Eusebius’. He had his preliminary studied in Kozhenchey St. Thomas High School and to UC College Aluva, to do the intermediate and then B. Sc from 1954 to 1962, he worked in Indian Railways. Then he gave up his job dedicating himself fully to God’s work. He took his BD and M.T.H from Serampore University and took his Post Graduate Diploma in Theology from Geneva University.

n December 21, 1972 he was ordained as sub-deacon, and on 7th June 1974, he was ordained as a priest by His Grace Philipose Mar Theophilos Thirumeni. On 14 May 1983, the then Catholicos Designate Mathews Mar Coorilos made him Ramban at Parumala. On 15 May 1985, he was elevated as Episcopa Philipose Mar Eusebios by His Holiness Baselios Mar Thoma Mathew I, Catholicos of the East at St. Mary’s Church, Puthiyacavu. From August 1985, served as the assistant auxiliary bishop of Thumpamon Diocese and from 13th December 1990 after His Grace Daniel Mar Philoxenos  passed away, Eusebios Thirumeni took full charge as Metropolitan of Thumpamon Diocese, and has been rendering great service as an able leader, after great predecessors.

Thirumeni has served the Church and the world at large in various capacities. His Grace had a great urge to work for the youth in the Church and as MGOCSM General Secretary and as President of the MGOCSM, worked hard for the spiritual Development of the students in our Church. Eusebios Thirumeni has served the Church in the field of theological education, by teaching in the Orthodox Theological Seminary, Kottayam and as Lecturer in Bishops College Calcutta. He has served as the Acharya and Superior and later as the visitor bishop to Chirstu Sishya Ashram, Thadakam, and as Secretary, Secretary, Andhra Natural Calamities Relief and Rehabilitation Activities

Traveling far and wide, HG made friends all over the world. Mar Eusebios has contributed to the ecumenical world and has represented the Church in various ecumenical meetings, taking part in various conferences and in theological consultations, all over the world. In the WCC assembly held in Delhi 1961, as visitor, and the 1968 Upsala Assembly as a Delegate and as the leader of the Delegates for the 1998 Harare assembly. He also attended the 7th Syndesmos Assembly in 1968 and the Valamo Assembly in 1991. He also attended the C.C.A. assemblies held at, Malaysia in 1978, in Bangalore 1981 and in Manila in 1991. As a part of the C.C. A. commission for mission of evangelism attend the various sessions held at, Singapore, Bankok, Taiwan, and Honkong. His Grace actively contributed to the Roman Catholic and Oriental Orthodox Churches Dialogs held in Rome in 2005, and in Etchmiadzin in 2006.

HG Philipose Mar Eusebios was a person with determination who recognized the spiritual call to work for Christ. He was a renowned theologian, an eminent scholar, an able organizer, an able and excellent administrator, a good teacher, a writer and an orator and above all a man of the Word of God and had all the qualities of a spiritual leader and good shepherd. HG was an historian at heart; with an uncanny skill of remembering dates. His simplicity and lack of interest in any kind of luxury were very obvious and never deviated from this all through. His progressive ideas and down to earth approach to any situation made him very popular with the young, and the uncompromising attitude towards his strong faith and commitment was a gold feather in his attributes. He has represented the Malankara Church and in several meetings of the World Council of Churches, the Christian Conference of Asia and in other international seminars. He is also serving as the Manager of the M.O.C Corporate Colleges, the president of M.G.O.C.S.M, the Vice- President of Malankara Church Mission Board, Chairman of the Ecumenical Christian Centre in Bangalore and President of the Inter – Church Relations Committee. He established many educational institutions and charitable organizations.

He was a great Christian Warrior who always stood frankly for the truth of Gospel and justice. His Grace was a known for his honesty, simplicity, straight-forwardness, truthfulness, and zeal for the Mother Church. He considered everyone equal before God, without looking at the face or position. He guided everybody as a good shepherd with his intelligence, wisdom, love and vision. His flare to live a model Christian is not a secret. He selflessly devoted his whole life for the Church and Gospel. Thirumeni was a man of prayer, but not in public. He used to pray in private and was very particular about the “rahasya prarthanakal”. He was against all public ‘show off’ in prayer and public worships. He never misses the canonical prayers and was very particular about fasting days. He carried the famous slogan of the railways ‘Less luggage, more comfortable’ in his sermons and life. Lesser the burdens in life, the more comfortable we are in our journey to Him.  

His Grace moved forward spreading the good message of salvation and also doing meaningful work. His Graces works will forever be a witness to his dedications and hard work for humanity. His aim in life was to serve God and the people around him in their hour of need, and never looked for recognition of any kind. His ideas were always progressive and his approach to any situation was crafted with purpose and this made him extremely popular with the young and the uncompromising attitude towards his strong faith and commitment was a gold feather in his attributes. Mar Eusebius was an illustrious person with a high sense of commitment to his calling and his deeds were true to this noble ideal.

H. G. entered his Eternal Abode on January 21, 2009. His mortal remains lay interred at St Basel Aramana Chapel, Pathanamthitta. May Thirumeni life and times inspire the younger men and women who grow up to take their rightful place in the Church!   


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