Mar Gregorios Yuhanon – Jul 10 I (1695 – 1773)

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Mar Gregorios Yuhanon, was born in 1695 in Bakhdida (Beth Khdeda – house of youths) earlier name for Kooded or Karakosh (Qaraqosh) near Mosul. He was a son of priest Isahak and Semma and belonged to the family of St. Yeldho Mar Baselius (Kothamangalam Bava), whom our Church commemorates on October 2 and in the fifth thubden. Yuhanon and his brother Sleeba had been monks at Mar Behnam monastery near Bakhdida.

In 1747, Patriarch Mar Ignatius Geevarghese III consecrated Yuhanon as bishop with title Gregorios. He was entrusted the charge of Mar Behnam monastery, as well as the parish there. In 1749, Gregorios Yuhanon came to Malankara, accompanied by Mar Baselios Shakralla (Shukr Allah), who is commemorated on October 22. From 1764 onwards he started taking care of the administration in Malankara Church. Yuhanon Ramban of Mosul, who came to Malankara with Mar Gregorius Yuhanon was consecrated Bishop under the name Mar Ivanios Yuhanon in 1752 by venerable father Mar Baselios Shakralla. Mar Ivanios Yuhanon passed away in 1794 and is entombed at Old Syrian Church, Chengannur. Both these two Syrian prelates were involved in the administration of Malankara during the early second half of the eighteenth century.

Mar Thoma VI, who succeeded Mar Thoma V as Malankara Metropolitan in 1765, received the hierarchical orders from Syriac Orthodox bishops, Mar Gregorius Yuhanon and Mar Ivanios Yuhanon on 27 May 1770, thus bringing an end to the prevailing controversy. Also known Valiya Mar Dionysius, he was invested with the hand cross and crosier used by his predecessor Mar Thoma V, by Mar Gregorius Yuhanon. He then started ordaining priests and deacons. Peace was also established peace in Malankara. These three bishops co-operated in rendering the work of the Church with great zeal.

From 1772 onwards Mar Gregorios’s eyesight started weakening. Very Rev. Ramban Abraham Kattumangad treated and took care of him for some time. However the venerable prelate passed away on 10 July 1773 and he was entombed on the north part of the sanctuary of the Mar Thoman Church, Mulanthuruthy. Later on, 24 December 2006 his relics were transferred to the northern wall of the sanctuary. The feast of Mar Gregorios Yuhanon is celebrated on 10 July.


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