Church Worship Table : Namaskaara Mesha

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It is normally a wooden table, kept in the center of the Chancel area (Azhiaagam). It symbolizes Mt. Sinai from where the Ten commandments were given by God and also the wooden platform from where the priest Ezra read out from the Book of Law (Neh. 8: 4). It also symbolizes the seat of Judgement from where God passed the verdict to punish the first parents, Adam and Eve.

On this table is kept
1. A Holy Bible, representing the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil (Gen. 2: 17);
2. A Cross representing the Tree of Life (Gen 3: 22);
3. Two Candles signifies the two cherubim (Gen 3: 24); that the Lord placed with the flaming sword swinging back and forth, which turned every direction, to guard the way to the tree of life’.

It is used as a Prayer Table for Preparatory services and readings of the Old Testament, before Holy Qurbana and other sacramental worship, Good Friday, Denaha, The Holy oils are kept on this table during Holy Baptism. The Bridal dress, rings and chains are blessed on this table for Holy Matrimony. It is a holy table kept in a holy place, hence should be kept neat and tidy, avoid keeping other objects on the it.


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