Quiz Questions – Gospel of St. John – Part 7

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  1. Who said “see the whole world has gone after Jesus”?  
  2. During the Last Supper, which disciple was sitting next to Jesus and reclining on Him?    
  3. To whom did Jesus’ answer “I am the Way, and the Truth and the Life”?      
  4. Which disciple was prepared to lay down the life for Jesus?  
  5. Who was the treasurer (keeper of the money bag) among the disciples?   
  6. For whom all does Jesus pray in His last Prayer?  
  7. What did Jesus Christ promise that the Father would send in His name? 
  8. Which is the sixth sign (miracle) of Jesus in the Gospel of John?
  9. What does Jesus say that will happen to those who do not remain in Him?
  10. What is John Ch. 17, traditionally known as
  11. How many signs (miracles) of Jesus is recorded in the Gospel of John and which is the last sign that Jesus performed, in the gospel of John? 
  12. How did Jesus pinpoint the disciple who was to betray Him?  
  13. Mary anointed Jesus with an expensive perfume. How much was that, worth?
  14. What did each of the inmates in the house in Bethany do?  
  15. What did Jesus say that those love Him will have to do?
  16. Which disciple did Jesus predict, that he will deny Jesus three times?  
  17. Which chapter of Gospel John is the longest prayer of Jesus, in the Bible?  
  18. How many ‘I Am’s’ sayings of Jesus are there in the Gospel of John?
  19. What is common about Jesus in His Prayer before raising Lazarus and His prayer in the Garden of Gethsemane?
  20. What all did, those coming to arrest Jesus carry with them?  
  21. On what locations did Peter deny Jesus?
  22. On *what day* and at *what time* did the Pilate sentence Jesus to be crucified?
  23. Name the people were there close to the cross?
  24. Who wrapped the body of Jesus with spices and strips of linen?
  25. Who all came to arrest Jesus?


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