Quiz Questions – Gospel of St. John – Part 8

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  1. Name the place from where the Pilate sentenced Jesus to be crucified?
  2. In which all languages were the notice on the Cross of Christ?
  3. What spices were used to wrap the body of Jesus?
  4. Why did Roman soldiers not break the bones of Jesus and what did they do instead?
  5. Name the valley which Jesus and his disciples crossed, after the Supper: 
  6. Name the high priest’s servant whose ear was cut off and who cut it? 
  7. Who took the body of Jesus from the Pilate? 
  8. Where was Jesus taken to be crucified? 
  9. Who said “what I have written, I have written”? 
  10. Who was the first to see, that the stone of the tomb of Jesus was removed/rolled over?  
  11. What did they give for Jesus as a drink, while He lay hung on the Cross?
  12. How many times did the Resurrected Lord appear to the disciples?
  13. Whom did Mary Magdalene mistake Jesus for?
  14. How many signs (miracles) are recorded in the Gospel of John?
  15. How many times did Jesus ask Peter “Do you love me”?
  16. Two disciples ran to the Tomb of Christ. *Who* reached the tomb first and *who* entered the tomb first?
  17. Who asked Mary Magdalene “why are you crying”?
  18. What were the first words the Resurrected Lord, to His disciples?
  19. How many of parables are narrated in the gospel of John?
  20. What was the responsibility entrusted on Peter by Jesus?
  21. *What flowed out*, when Jesus was pierced with a spear/lance and what is the significance of the this in Holy Qurbana?
  22. When the two disciples saw that Jesus’ body was not in the tomb. What did they *not* understand?
  23. Jesus Christ was born in a Virgin womb and buried in a new (virgin) tomb. What’s the significance to us in Holy Qurbana?
  24. How many times in the Gospel of John does Jesus give His Peace to His disciples?  
  25. Jesus said “I am the _______ Shepherd”. How many times does He say this? 
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