Quiz Questions on 2 Samuel – Part I

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  1. At which place did the elders anoint David, as their king?  
  2. How long did David rule from that place?
  3. Which place is called ‘City of David’ according to A. Old Testament? B. New Testament?
  4. Who fell down from the nurse’s hands and was crippled for life?
  5. How old was he when his father was killed?
  6. Whom did the LORD promise never to take away His love from him?
  7. Name the prophet, who revealed God’s mind to David?
  8. What was the ark of the God called as?
  9. With what was the palace that David lived in, made of what?
  10. Who was killed for touching the Covenant Box?
  11. Where did the oxen that was carrying, the Covenant Box stumble?
  12. What was this place called as ever since?
  13.  Where was David when he received the news of Saul’s death?
  14.  What did the Amalekite bring as a proof of Saul’s death? 
  15.  Who was appointed as David’s secretary?
  16. Who were David’s Royal advisers?
  17. Who was killed while taking an afternoon nap (noon day rest)?
  18. Who killed him?
  19. Who are these – Elishua, Elishama, Eliada and Eliphelet?
  20. Which King send trade missions to David & built a palace for Him?
  21. Which two groups of people met on either side of the pool of Gibeon?
  22. How many men fell down by the sword at this place?
  23. How many sons were born to David in Hebron?
  24. Name David’s eldest son?
  25. Who said to whom “you will not get in here, even the blind and the lame can ward you off”?
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