Quiz Questions on 2nd Book of Samuel – Part 2

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  1. How many days did David fast when his first son, born of Bathsheba fell ill?  
  2. What was the name God give to Solomon?  
  3. About who was this said “My Lord has wisdom, like that of an angel of God”?   
  4. How long did Absalom stay in Jerusalem without seeing his father, David?  
  5. Which mountain did David climb, barefooted in grief, weeping and heads covered?   
  6. Who were the priests who took the Ark of God, back to Jerusalem?  
  7. Who told whom, the parable of the rich and poor man and the rich man took the poor man’s sheep to prepare meal for a guest?  
  8. What was the name of the crown, which David placed on his head, in the city of Rabbah?   
  9. Name the Gittite, whose entire household was blessed, because the Ark of the Lord, was kept in His house for three months:  
  10. Who was the commander of David’s army?  
  11. Name the people who are referred to as ‘blind and the lame’:  
  12. Name the wicked men, who killed an innocent man in his own house and on his own bed?
  13. Whose hands and feet were cut off and hung up near the pool in Hebron?
  14. David cursed all the people of one house, that all of them will be with a sore or Leprosy, or they will lame so as need a crutch, or they will be killed by the sword or they will be starving without bread. Whose house was it?
  15. Why did David show kindness to the people of Jabesh Gilead?
  16. Whom did God use to establish kingship in Israel?
  17. Who were appointed as priests by David?
  18. Who did not like David dancing, disrobing in the front of Slave girls?
  19. Who was the daughter of Saul, who did not have any children all her life?
  20. How long did he rule from Hebron?
  21. How many years did David rule over Israel from Jerusalem?
  22. In which book is David’s song of lamentation for Saul recorded?
  23. Name the prophet, who revealed God’s mind to David:
  24. To which place did a wise woman, whom Joab sent to David as a widow, belong to?  
  25. Who said to whom? “As surely the Lord lives, and as my lord the king lives, wherever my lord the king may be, whether it means life or death, there your servant be”?
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