St Symeon (Simeon/ Shemoun) of Qartmin – Disciple of St Samuel of Qartmin | Jan 18/19

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St Simeon was born in Qartmin. His father was a leader of the village. When he was four years and seven months old, he was healed through the prayers of St Samuel. When he grew up as a young boy his father took him to the saint. St Samuel gave him the clothes of a monk and he was ordained a monk. Every day Shemoun was enlightened in the knowledge of God and he excelled in fasting and prayer. He imitated his teacher as he loved the ascetic life of silence.

When St Samuel, his teacher went to his heavenly abode, St Simeon took over the administration of the monastery. He was strong in battle with Satan. He was awake in his service. He served more than his brother monks. The angel of the Lord appeared to him as his Abbot and showed him the plan of the future monastery which was laid down on the foundation of a pagan temple.

After the death of the aged St Samuel, St Simeon did not sleep on the earth. He rested on his knees. He loved night vigils and in order to defeat sleep he hung himself upright by ropes. He would then continue in his meditation giving glory and praise to his Lord.

Our Lord gave him power and strength and God honoured him by performing miracles and wonders. He performed many wonders and miracles; paralytics were made whole and a dead man was brought to life. There were many miracles that happened during his days, one is as follows.

A certain man stole a sum of money and hid it. When the morning dawned, the rightful owners went to the thief, but he maintained with many oaths that he had no knowledge of the matter. “Swear to us by St Simeon,” they challenged him, “that you did not take that which was ours and go free.” But hardly had he opened his mouth to swear the oath than his head was turned backwards in full sight of all. Immediately he returned the whole sum of money to its owners. Then his people took him to the St Simeon. All night the Blessed One stood and interceded for that man. When his prayer came to an end the head of the man returned to its natural position. Then St Simeon warned him, “Never commit such thefts again and do not swear oaths falsely, lest something worse than this should happen to you.” The man stayed for a little while then went home. But afterwards he came back to the abbey and became a perfect monk and worker of miracles for men.

St. Simeon of Qartmin passed away on January 18, 433. His body was buried in Beth Qadishe (House/Tombs of saints).

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